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School Menus

Froid School March 18: Italian dunkers, veggies and fruit.

March 19: Soft shell tacos, refried beans and fruit.

March 20: French dip sandwiches, bosco sticks, veggies, fruit cups and brownies.

March 21: Cook’s choice.

*** Culbertson School March 18: Breakfast: Doughnuts. Lunch: Pizza sticks, salad and pineapple.

March 19: Breakfast: Bacon, egg and cheese biscuits. Lunch: Chicken nachos, Spanish rice and mixed fruit.

March 20: Breakfast: Fruit parfaits. Lunch: Riblet sandwiches, baked beans and peaches.

March 21: Breakfast: Tornados. Lunch: Beef noodle hotdish, broccoli and pears.

March 22: Breakfast: Chocolate waffles. Lunch: Fish sandwiches, potato wedges and mandarin oranges.

*** Bainville School March 18: Breakfast: Biscuits and gravy. Lunch: Popcorn chicken bowls, corn and tropical fruit.

March 19: Breakfast: Parfaits. Lunch: Tortellini pasta, broccoli and pears.

March 20: Breakfast: Breakfast bars. Lunch: Cheese soup, cheesy bread, raspberries and brownies.

March 21: Breakfast: Potatoes and eggs. Lunch: Chicken parmesan sandwiches, snap peas and peaches.

March 22: Breakfast: Egg cups. Lunch: Creamy beef and shells, green beans and oranges.

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