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Trustees Review Elementary Schools

Trustees Review Elementary Schools Trustees Review Elementary Schools

School officials conducted their annual tour of elementary schools in Wolf Point on Monday, Feb. 26, to learn about potential improvements to the buildings.

Northside Principal Georgie Gourneau pointed out that the staff restroom at the school needs an update. She said such a project would improve morale.

Shane Reed, facilities director, noted that the north wing at the school only has two small restrooms. Sixth-grade classrooms have their own restrooms.

Superintendent David Perkins reported that the windows need to be replaced after recent work wasn’t satisfactory.

“There’s a lot of problems with the new windows,” Perkins told trustees. “They are going to get re-done.”

Reed added that the company, not the school district, will pay for the repairs.

Some electrical work needs to take place in Northside’s classrooms.

“That has to be a priority,” Roxanne Gourneau, school board chair, said. “Technology isn’t going away.”

Reed reported that major work that has been accomplished at Northside during recent years has included plumbing in the north hall during 2020 and plumbing in the south hall during 2016. All pipes are now PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

One possible project is adding a window closer to the front door so staff can see and greet visitors. Officials also saw a need for new shelves in Northside’s library.

Once trustees arrived at Southside for a tour, Reed pointed out that recent repairs have included a new sewer system after the old sewer collapsed in 2016 and the addition of a new roof that should last 20 years.

One boiler is currently down and the other boiler is 21 years old. Trustees will consider purchasing a new boiler at their next board meeting.

“Structurally, I think the building is sound,” Reed said. “Money needs to be spent for updates.”

Restrooms need new flooring and fixtures at Southside.

Trustees toured classrooms, the kitchen area and gym. Roxanne Gourneau said she appreciated how organized the classrooms are at Southside.

“Honestly, if we put some money into it, we can get 20 more years in the building,” Southside Principal Tara Thomas said.

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