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Basketball Plays Positive Role In Lustre

Basketball Plays Positive Role In Lustre Basketball Plays Positive Role In Lustre

Tournament Time

There are many times during the year to celebrate at Lustre Christian High School. One stretch that creates great excitement in the community is basketball tournament season.

The Lions’ boys’ basketball team has just qualified for its second straight Class C state tournament and received great support along the way.

Principal Ric Cattell said the atmosphere is special when the Lions are heading to tournament.

“Everything is about basketball right now,” Cattell said. “Basketball is very important. The local kids have been playing since they were babies.”

He noted that prior to the divisional tournament, there was a pep rally at the high school on Tuesday and a great send-off at the elementary school on Wednesday. With Lustre’s girls’ basketball team also enjoying an excellent season, there was even more excitement this year.

Cattell estimates about 80 percent of the community comes to the bigger games at tournament. He said there were alumni from all across the state at last year. “It was really cool,” he said.

Boys’ basketball coach Randy Reddig noted the support is pretty special from community members.

“It’s the talk of the town,” Reddig said.

The coach laughs that pretty much everybody has suggestions of how to improve the team.

“I get a lot of advice. That’s why I’m a decent coach,” Reddig jokes.

Dorm parent Bernie Swartzendruber said the excitement in the community is admirable.

“It means a whole bunch,” Swartzendruber said of basketball. “The whole community shows up. It brings pleasure to everybody.”

Without a great deal of recreation options, Lustre’s students spend a lot of time in the gym to release their energy. That equates to success on the court.

“I want them to play their very best,” Swartzendruber said. “Keep your feet on the gas and never quit. And play for the glory of God.”

He knows the Lions will have a great deal of support at the state tournament in Great Falls.

“The community is all behind them,” Swartzendruber said.

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