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Antoine Reddogg

Antoine Reddogg, First That Walk Kid “Tokaheya He Mani Hoksida,” 29, of Poplar died Feb. 22, 2024.

He was born on June 14, 1994, a descendant of Chief Medicine Bear and Chief Black Moon, was born to Drew Alden Reddogg and Lynette June First. He had two siblings, a brother Dion Sean First, John Pretty Bear of Cannonball N.D., and his sisters Taress Rion First and Aarianna Mazawasicuna He graduated from Solen High School in North Dakota in 2012. He grew up with his grandparents Calvin and Myrna First and attended inipi and yuwipi ceremonies throughout his life. His great-grandfather was Gerald Red Elk and during his life he kept two pipes that belonged to the Lakota and Dakota Tribes that came to live on the Fort Peck Reservation. Upon his death, he gave these pipes to Antoine’s grandfathers Leland Spotted Bird and Calvin. Antoine was given Calvin’s pipe at a ceremony held by Leonard Crow Dog at Calvin’s funeral. These pipes were kept by Gerald and belonged to the Sioux people.

He worked for Fort Peck Tribes Community Services

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