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Antelope, Moose Seasons To Change In Region 7

As hunters prepare for the license year beginning March 1, they should be aware of some regulation changes to antelope licenses in FWP Region 7, as well as a new moose season.

Changes To Antelope Licenses For Region 7 For hunters looking to pursue antelope in FWP’s Region 7, either-sex and doe/fawn licenses are no longer valid regionwide. In December, the Fish and Wildlife Commission voted to divide Region 7 into a north and south unit using the Yellowstone River as the boundary for antelope hunting. The commission also passed a regulation to have separate either-sex and doe/fawn antelope licenses for the north and south units.

Antelope hunters will not see new hunting districts in the 2024 Deer, Elk and Antelope Regulations now posted on FWP’s website, but will instead see different licenses valid in either north or south of the Yellowstone River.

North tags will be: 007-21 (either-sex) and 007-31 (doe/ fawn) South tags will be: 007-20 (either-sex) and 007-30 (doe/ fawn) Archery only either-sex tags are the same: 900-20 (first and only choice as well) Hunters who are used to hunting both sides of the Yellowstone River will need to pay particular attention to this change.

The deadline to apply for antelope licenses is June 1, though you may apply beginning today. Antelope licenses are drawn later in the summer after biologists complete their summer surveys of antelope populations.

Additional doe/fawn tags (available sometime in August): Will only be available to those who drew 007-20 (no longer those who drew any R7 antelope tag) License number has changed to 705-30 Licenses will only be valid in HD705 (no longer both 704 and 705) Region 7 Now Has Moose Season New in 2024, hunters can apply to hunt moose in Region 7, with one either-sex tag available, valid anywhere in the region.

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