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Bleicher Files For County Attorney Spot

Bleicher Files For  County Attorney Spot Bleicher Files For  County Attorney Spot

Roosevelt County deputy county attorney Thomas Bleicher has filed in the 2024 election to determine the county’s attorney.

Bleicher has served as deputy attorney since Jan. 3, 2023. He has remained in the office despite challenging times for the county including the removal of former county attorney Frank Piocos and the county’s court battles with former county attorney Janet Christoffersen.

“I have filed for the county attorney position of Roosevelt County because I care about the citizens of the county and believe that Roosevelt County needs a prosecutor’s office that has an effective relationship with law enforcement,” Bleicher said. “I have remained in the deputy county attorney position for the previous year and two months through all the office’s changes and disruptions because I have a deep affinity for eastern Montana, our communities here and desire to provide long-term county attorney stability for Roosevelt.”

He came to Montana after graduating from the University of Wyoming’s law school in May 2022. His experience includes attending the Marine Officer Candidates School.

“During my time as deputy, I have cultivated a working relationship with law enforcement that allows me to ensure that there is a fair and just consequence for every criminal act,” Bleicher said. “Being a proud homeowner and landowner in Roosevelt County, I would like to continue to effectively serve the community and continue the positive working relationship I have with law enforcement in the elected position of county attorney.”

Bleicher is the only candidate who has filed for the position. Christoffersen has filed for district judge.

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