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Wolf Point Students Learn About Options During Career Fair

Wolf Point Students Learn  About Options During Career Fair Wolf Point Students Learn  About Options During Career Fair

Wolf Point’s high school and junior high students got introduced to a variety of opportunities during the annual classroom career fair held last week.

Talor Toavs, mechanic manager at Fox Ford, encouraged students to consider his line of work. He noted Ford and other companies provide on-line training for individuals right out of high school.

He offered students to job shadow him and learn different aspect of the auto mechanics field.

“Anything you want to do, I’m there for,” Toavs said.

Brad Traeholt of Traeholt Construction provided details of many jobs that his company performed in the area.

Logan West and Jeffrey Berger of Nemont offered hands-on experience for technology that they work with to provide services in the region.

Drug agent Raul Figueroa provided a large group of students information about law enforcement procedures.

“We don’t want to hurt anybody,” Figueroa said. He added that when dealing with some individuals, law enforcement doesn’t have a choice.

He urged students to make the best out of their own lives. “You are not your family. You can do anything you want to do.”

He noted that the greatest teams such as the Army SEALs or SWAT feature individuals who look out for each other and care more about their teammates than themselves.

Figureoa stressed the importance of discipline in people’s lives.

Other presenters during the career fair included Marques White Horse of the Montana Department of Transportation; Keith Higgins and Jane Clumb of Independence Bank; physical therapist Bethany Legare; occupational therapist Brianna Red Cloud; Harry Murphy, Heidi Kent and Burke Lanthorn of the FBI; Dave Williams of Agland Co-op; registered nurses/family nurse practitioners Sarah Copenhaver, Thea Smith and Abby Higgins; Stephanie Bowman of Ag Partners; NEMHS pharmacy technician Dolly Tattoo; T’Elle Evans of the Montana Highway Patrol; Sgt. Nordlund of the Montana Army National Guard; Carrie Schumacher, Robyn Baker and Kai Teague of Fort Peck Community College; IHS dental director Adriann Ricker; school district IT representative Katie Holland; radiologist Cierra Grimsrud; and head start director Hilary Gourneau.

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