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Lustre News Lustre News

Thank you to the road crews working to clear roads for students to get to school. The bare ground was covered by four inches new snow Wednesday morning and more Thursday.

Upcoming events include 1) “Senior Night” on Saturday, Feb 10. LCHS vs Scobey. 2) District 3C Tournament in Glasgow, starting Valentine’s Day, Feb 14. 3) Valley County Spelling Bee held Feb 21, at the Lustre Grade School gymnasium. 4) “Math Counts” State competition in Butte, March 11.

Circle High School is now in our district and came to Lustre Saturday for basketball. The girls played first and it was an exciting game! The score was tied at 15, 30, 32 and was two points apart in the first half. Lustre went ahead in fourth quarter, at the most by eight, and with 14.5 seconds left (and Alexa fouled out), the score was Lustre 47, Circle 44. The final was Lustre 47, Circle 45. The boys were tied at 8-8, but gained steadily, with a 70-22 final. At Saco, LCHS split the games Friday night, with the boys winning and the girls losing.

LGS head teacher, John Du-Bose reported the academic competitions the students participate in did well. The Lions Lego Team finished second statewide in core values (ethics, sportsmanship, teamwork, behavior) at Bozeman last Saturday. The nine students were Gunner Dambois, Coleman Hilkemann, Jake Neufeld, Justin Schiller, Liam Reyneke, Nancy Schiller, Drew Reddig, Curt Teichroew and Joseph Olfert.

Holly Hilkemann came in first at the LGS spelling bee on Feb 7. Wheeler Dambois, Harlo Reddig, Kencia Brown and Justin Schiller will also be representing Lustre at the Valley County Spelling Bee on Feb. 21, held at Lustre. Bryson Allen is alternate.

Jeannie Matthyser and Lisa Neufeld accompanied five students to the Math Counts Chapter Competition in Savage, on Tuesday, Feb. 6. They competed against six other schools. As a group, they won first place and will be going to the State Championship on March 11, in Butte. Bryson Allen came in second place in the individual out of 62 participants in the written exam, and second in the countdown round!

We extend our condolences to Jacob Rigby, one of the LCHS students from Turks and Caicos, whose father died.

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