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Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Report


The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office responded to 57 calls from Jan. 29 to Feb. 4.

Jan. 29

Deputies responded to a report of fraud from an adult female in Froid. The scam involved a possibly fake company sending malware alerts to her and seeking a sum of money. The business asked the woman to withdraw $25,000 from her bank account. She was told a courier would come to her house to collect the money. Deputies provided extra patrol around the residence.

Jan. 30

Deputies assisted tribal police with a domestic call regarding two females arguing. Apparently at one point, there was an altercation. Everything calmed down and deputies left the scene.

An adult male in Culbertson reported his vehicle was hit near the Roosevelt County Medical Center and the driver left the scene. An investigation is ongoing.

Deputies responded to Culbertson to conduct a probation check. The individual couldn’t be located.

Feb. 1

Deputies went to Sherman Park in Wolf Point to assist a male under a bench. Officers from the Wolf Point Police Department and Fort Peck Tribes Department of Law and Justice also tried to wake the male up. The ambulance took him to the hospital.

Deputies responded to the Gold Dust Casino near the state line for a suspicious person. The male was putting crosses on the walls with beer. The individual left the location on his own.

Feb. 2 Deputies assisted the WPPD on Idaho Street after an adult female reported she was hit with a skateboard by an adult male. An ambulance call was made for her. The FPTDLJ was called to assist because the male was suspected to have a gun. An adult male and adult female were arrested and transported to tribal jail in Poplar.

Deputies responded to a complain on Front Street of a male exposing himself. Law enforcement couldn’t locate the individual.

Deputies responded to Brockton for an adult female who wanted her two adult sons removed because they were fighting. One of the males was stabbed and was bleeding. An ambulance was paged. FPTDLJ located the suspect in Brockton. Jahn Charbonneau, 31, was charged for assault with a weapon, endangering the welfare of a child and assault with bodily injury.

Feb. 3

Deputies responded to tribal housing in Poplar for a domestic abuse. An adult female had a cut on her hand and was given a ride for medical treatment.

Deputies assisted FPTDLJ at the north side of the underpass in Wolf Point for a report of a female punching a male in the face. The female was arrested by FPTDLJ.

Deputies assisted FPTDLJ at the B& S Qwik Stop in Brockton for a report of theft. An adult male stole pop from the store. He was also reported to be intoxicated and driving.

In addition to the citations above, the RCSO had the following activity: Wolf Point city limits, 24; Wolf Point rural, 14; Poplar city limits, four; Poplar FPHA all other, five; Culbertson town, 13; Culbertson rural, six; Bainville town, two; Bainville rural, six; Froid town, three; Froid rural, one; Brockton town, six, Brockton rural, two; Fort Kipp, seven; total, 93.

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