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Mahlum Files For County Commissioner

Mahlum Files For  County Commissioner Mahlum Files For  County Commissioner

Dean Mahlum of Wolf Point is the first candidate who has filed for the county commissioner position in the 2024 election. The Roosevelt County position is currently held by Gary Macdonald, who has announced that he will retire at the end of his current term.

Mahlum’s experience includes one term as the Roosevelt County sheriff and about 50 years in law enforcement. He served for 20 years with the Wolf Point and Roosevelt County fire departments. He has been on the Wolf Point City Council during the last four years.

“Obviously, I’ve had a lot of experience with budgets,” Mahlum said.

He feels that knowledge of budgets would be a plus if he is elected county commissioner. He says, if elected, he will be a full-time commissioner.

“I’ve always been able to sit down with people and generate conversations,” Mahlum said of having positive working relationships.

He is a long-time member and officer in the Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. He says he has good relationships with the U.S. attorney’s office as well as federal and tribal law enforcement.

“I’ve always been involved in community activities,” Mahlum said. “I’ve dedicated my life to Wolf Point and Roosevelt County.”

Mahlum feels it’s important for the county, cities and tribal leaders to work together to deal with problems such as crime and homelessness in the area.

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