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January ended with a mild spell. Snow has melted into the fields.

Dean and Julie Reddig recently spent a week in the Bahamas with cousins Sam and Lisa Berg, missionaries with Many Hands. Julie said “Some of the projects were putting a roof structure over the water tanks on the camp, laying carpet tiles in Marsh Harbour, working in the library and making alphabet charts for learning to read. Sam and Lisa know the island very well so all kinds of memories were made.”

CHS students, Johnslee Pierre and Terran Joseph are from this island. It was a special time of reconnecting with Terran’s sister, Lilly and meeting Coach Johnson, the go between for these boys coming to Lustre. It was eye opening to see the destruction still evident from Hurricane Dorian.

The Pine Derby at Awana was held Wednesday, Jan. 31, at LCHS gymnasium and involved the third- through sixth-graders. The students had various heats with wooden cars they made, such as an ark with animals and wood-burned levels by Nancy Schiller. Six were named winners in two categories, speed and design.

Drew Reddig came first in speed with his shoe car, Gavin Pancratz came second in speed with his “The Lord’s Soldier” tank car, and Hannah Pancratz was third in speed with her “Fast Food” hot dog car.

Sam Byers was first in design with his tank car, Harlo Reddig came in second in design with her mouse and cheese “Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy” car. Third in design was Aubrey Klatt with her “purple the minion crazy Bob” car. Liam Reyneke and Justin Schiller placed in the top 10 with their ketchup and mustard cars.

At least 16 students participated.

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