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Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Report

The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office responded to 59 calls from Jan. 23-29.

Jan. 23

Deputies responded to near the China City Restaurant in Wolf Point regarding a report of a male on the sidewalk who fell and hit his head. He was assisted into an ambulance.

Deputies placed a male under arrest near the Wolf Point rodeo grounds on authority of an active tribal warrant. Travis Dumont, 27, was taken to the tribal jail.

A report was received of someone breaking into a residence on Edgar Street in Wolf Point. Deputies assisted the Wolf Point Police Department. The property owner didn’t want to press charges.

Deputies went to Fort Kipp and located a male at a residence with an active tribal warrant. Kameron Beston 21, was transported to the tribal jail.

Deputies assisted the Poplar ambulance and Fort Peck Tribes Department of Law and Justice regarding a male not breathing. The male was ruled deceased from natural causes.

Jan. 24

Deputies assisted the Federal Bureau of Investigation with a search warrant at a residence in Bainville. Bainville School was briefly placed on lock-down, but there was no danger to the students or general public. The search warrant was the culmination of a long investigation involving multiple agencies including the FBI, RCSO, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Montana Highway Patrol and FPTDLJ.

Jan. 25

Deputies responded to an address in Poplar after receiving a report of damage to a residence. Deputies noticed that a pregnant female was consuming alcohol. She was placed under arrest and taken to the Poplar hospital for medical clearance before being transported to the tribal adult jail.

Deputies assisted the Wolf Point Police Department with a report of a man who fell at his residence.

Deputies responded to a report of a vehicle that slid into a fence on Seventh Avenue South in Wolf Point. No medical attention was needed.

Jan. 27

Deputies assisted the MHP, FPTDLJ and Poplar ambulance with a one-vehicle crash on Highway 2 near Kirn Road in Poplar. Three adults were injured and taken to the Poplar hospital. There was property damage at the round-about.

Deputies assisted the FBI, FPTDLJ and the Wolf Point ambulance with a report of an alleged homicide at Wolf Point’s tribal housing. Assistance was given in the role of deputy/coroner. FPTDLJ reported on social media that all suspects have been detained.

Jan. 28

Deputies received a report of a female near Montana Highway 25, who was knocked on a door and went into a person’s vehicle. Deputies transported the individual to a residence in Wolf Point.

Jan. 29

Deputies received a report of a man in Culbertson who was driving in violation of court orders. Deputies are investigating.

In addition to the citations above, the RCSO had the following activity: Wolf Point city limits, 26; Wolf Point rural, 16; Poplar city limits, five; Poplar FPHA all other, four; Culbertson town, 20; Culbertson rural, eight; Bainville town, seven; Bainville rural, 23; Froid town, seven; Froid rural, one; McCone County, one; Williams County, two; any other area, one; Brockton town, four Brockton rural, three; Fort Kipp, seven; total, 136.

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