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Residents Will Vote On Government Issues

Roosevelt County voters will decide on two issues during the primary election after commissioners unanimously approved resolutions during a meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 16.

One question regards conducting a local government review and establishing a study commission to perform the review. The state’s constitution requires that each unit of local government must conduct such an election every 10 years.

If the outcome of the election on June 4 is that voters decide to hold a local government review, a study commission consisting of three residents must be elected in the general election during November. Cost of the government review would be $65,320, which is two mills.

The second issue before voters will be the continuation of the road fund levy, which consists of eight mills and amounts to $226,961 per year. The funds are used for the purchasing, crushing and spreading of gravel. Residents need to vote on the levy every six years.

Two proposed pay interests were debated by commissioners.

It was recommended by new clerk and recorder Tracy Miranda that the salary for new deputy Lindsey Nygaard be increased from 80 percent to 90 percent of the clerk and recorder’s salary.

Commissioner Robert Toavs made the motion to pay Nygaard at 85 percent. The motion failed due to lack of a second.

Commissioner Gary Macdonald said the deputy normally receives 90 percent and made the motion to pay Nygaard that amount. Oelkers seconded the motion.

“That 10 percent is a big jump,” Toavs said. He explained that he was in favor of paying her 85 percent now and then consider the other 5 percent at budget time.

Macdonald’s motion passed 2-1 with Toavs voting against.

Commissioners then considered a recommendation by Oelkers to increase DES coordinator Lindsey Mc-Nabb’s pay to 90 percent of the rate.

Toavs pointed out that commissioners agreed to a pay increase from 85 percent to 86 percent just in late October. He noted that plans are to develop a matrix for the GIS director at budget time and that commissioners should be consistent with the DES position.

“I do truly believe Lindsey’s job performance deserves the 90 percent,” Toavs said, but he says commissioners should stay consistent to show their creditability.

Oelkers noted that the DES coordinator position will become more complex with the Motorola project and flood plain projects. Commissioners approved the raise by a 2-1 margin with Toves voting against.

Commissioners reappointed Marilyn Olson and Keith Nordlund to the fair board.

Approved for annual pay raises were Diane Lambert for aging services and Curtis Red Eagle for the detention center.

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