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more complicated for us,” Gourneau ….

more complicated for us,” Gourneau said of the issue.

Gourneau said the TEB is discussing the possibility of building a medium security prison facility. Lawrence Hamilton added that it might be a 200-bed facility.

Gourneau also reported that TEB is researching ways to provide improved health care facilities. A goal is to have a veterans’ wing in an assisted living facility.

She said the Fort Peck Tribes Department of Law and Justice has hired eight additional officers. A shift in administration has taken place with Lewis Matthews serving as the interim chief of police. The tribes will advertise for a public safety director.

WPCO approved $1,680 for Wolf Point High School’s girls’ basketball program to pay for warm-up jackets. In addition, $5,000 was approved for the AAU wrestling program to pay for registration fees, singlets and some tournament expenses.

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