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Bainville Council Approves Hearing For Sidewalk Funding

The Bainville Town Council held its regular meeting Jan. 8. During the public comment period, David Norton asked if the cemetery road was a part of the town and if the name of the road was changed. Council members explained that the road is part of the town now and it did not have to change names. Norton also asked how much it costs the town to have a curb stop repaired and whether town policies have been sent to MMIA for review. Darrel Rassmussen asked when the W2’s for summer employees would be available.

During the public works report, Mayor Toby Romo said that a meeting is planned with John Bach from Interstate Engineering to discuss the water project.

A public hearing notice related to House Bill 355 grant allocation was discussed. According to clerk Billie Jo Cochran, the council has chosen to use grant monies to replace the sidewalk in front of the town park. The hearing will take place during the Feb. council meeting.

During his report, Romo said Chet McLean has completed and submitted the FY23 annual financial Report that was due Dec. 31, 2023.

Romo also said that nuisance letters have been sent to the Roosevelt County Attorney’s Office. Romo drove around town with the deputy county attorney to look at the properties and pictures were taken. Letters will be sent to property owners.

Romo added that the town is following through with the original 15 nuisance letters from 2021. After the original letters are resolved, said Romo, the town will look for more nuisance violators.

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