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School Staff To Attend Development Training

The Wolf Point School Board gave approval for six staff members to attend professional development training in New Mexico during March 1.

The MidSchoolMath National Conference is scheduled in Santa Fe, N.M., from March 1-2. Funding for the trip will be from the Title I School Support grant.

Board chair Roxanne Gourneau appointed trustees Michael Turcotte and Mark Zilkoski to the policy committee.

Hired were Katrina Hines as Southside paraprofessional, Cheryl LaRoque as a substitute teacher and Jennifer Burshia and Danielle Henderson as volunteer paraprofessionals.

Regarding a bus route permission request from Lustre Elementary School, Wolf Point superintendent David Perkins said such issues may become more complexed in the future. Starting next school year, Perkins explained that funding will follow a student to the school district that he will attend. He feels some permissions and approvals haven’t been done completely in the past. After meeting in closed session for nearly an hour, trustees agreed with high school principal Kim Hanks’ recommendation to expel a student for the school year. Turcotte was the only trustee voting against the recommendation.

Southside principal Tara Thomas said that attendance is improving. She feels the incentive of swimming at the indoor pool in Poplar helps. Students are still struggling with test scores.

Northside principal Georgie Gourneau reported that Helping Outstanding Wolves Lead day was implemented prior to Christmas. The school had holiday band and choir concerts.

Junior high principal Dan Horsmon said the school is looking at purchasing some game tables to incorporate into lunch time so students can burn some energy. The district spelling bee is scheduled for Feb. 1. Frontier will host the county bee around Feb. 17.

High school principal Kim Hanks said that there have been numerous meetings with parents to address attendance and grades over the last few weeks. Special education teachers, counselors and administration will begin LEP/WIDA testing during the next few weeks.

Facilities director Shane Reed said the HVAC updates have started at Southside. Maintenance employees were busy during the holiday break. A timeline is being discussed for when major projects will take place.

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