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Tobacco Prevention News

More than one-in-four Montana high school students currently use e-cigarettes, and the disposable e-cigarettes many of them use are bigger and badder than ever before.

According to a recent study in Tobacco Control, the amount of e-liquid a disposable e-cigarette device can hold increased by 518 percent and the average nicotine strength increased by 294 percent.

As a result, the amount of nicotine in some disposable e-cigarettes is now comparable to several cartons of cigarettes. E-liquids have also dropped in price, making it easier for youth to buy.

Montana communities need to wake up to this threat. Nicotine is not safe – it harms youth brain development and makes kids more susceptible to becoming addicted to other drugs.

Get more information about the harms of youth e-cigarette use and how to help our kids at tobaccofree.

If your child is addicted to e-cigarettes, help them quit by visiting MyLifeMyQuit. com.

If they don’t use e-cigarettes, make sure they understand the risks so they make the decision to never start.

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