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Students Attend Market Quality Assurance Training In County

Taking an animal project in 4-H and FFA is a learning process. Not only do members begin selecting their animals so soon after the previous year ends, but they also begin to learn about picking out animals, caring for them, feeding and watering them properly, and their care and responsibilities.

4-H and FFA youth taking market animal projects to the Roosevelt County Fair, gathered to learn about Market Quality Assurance pillars of learning, to enhance their personal growth in the project. Bainville Meats offered the use of their facility to look at animal carcasses and learn about quality and yield grading. The end product of a market project being meat consumption.

There are merit carcass awards for students throughout the state to strive for and they learned the parameters for the program.

The students then gathered at the Bainville Fire Hall to learn about Livestock Water Quality testing and the importance of clean and safe for animals.

They learned how to test for nitrates and sulfur and TDS measurements.

Finally, they played MQA Jeopardy to continue learning the different aspects of quality assurance training such as facilities, ethics, biosecurity, nutrition, animal health and animals behavior.

The training is required of all youth entering the animal project to provide best management practices.

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