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New Year’s Day was cloudy and temperatures had a low of 26 degrees and a high of 37. Dense fog came every morning, bringing looming hills and beautiful frosted trees. The fog lifted Friday morning.

Dec. 31 held several parties in homes to watch for the new year.

Dan Marasco’s message at the Lustre Community Church on New Year’s Eve was “Waiting on the Lord” from Isiash 40:25-30 and showed us that God’s answer to Israel’s accusations of Him not being just was a lesson on ‘Yaweh’. “God Is self Existent ( Ex 6:3). It means “To Be” or “is”, the self existence creator of the ends of the earth. One who created time and space and stood as the uncontested creator, sitting above the stars, being able to reach back beyond time and stretch the heavens and their light to where He wants it.”

He went on to show how God deals with the rulers of men, warning the wise men not to return to Herod and showing how “by the time the NT is written, Herod’s descendants are done ruling.”

School resumed at Lustre Christian High School and Lustre Grade School Jan. 3.

Looking ahead, students are preparing for a divisional speech and drama meet Jan. 19-20, with the hopes of qualifying for the state speech and drama meet on Jan 26-27.

The honors band and choir concert is Monday evening, Jan. 29.

On the sports scene, North Country comes to Lustre Jan 12, and Lustre goes to Scobey Jan 13.

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