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Ira Ricker

Ira Ricker, 63, of Wolf Point died Dec. 28, 2024.

He was born on April 28, 1960, to Phylis Ricker in Poplar. His grandmother Ina Boxer raised him in Poplar at a very young age until he went to the Mormon Placement Program for several years.

After the program, he went to Clearfield Job Corps Center on Sept. 14, 1979. He never forgot the foster family that helped raise him — the Olsons from Washington. Both parents were door-to-door sales people and sold Kirby vacuums. His foster parents were good at what they did because they took him to Jerusalem twice, the Grand Canyon, Egypt and many more places. His foster mom loved making big meals for their family and traveling around the world. He knew how meaningful family was after his time with the Olsens.

Praying and forgiving each other was important to him. He often told his family, “Always pray together for strength and forgiveness. To help and to love one another so we can all get along.”

He had strong family values and taught his own family everything he knew.

Right after he finished the Mormon Placement Program, he enlisted in the Navy from Jan. 8, 1980, to Nov. 6, 1985. He saw the Seven Seas during his enlistment in the Navy and visited many places around the world, like Japan, Europe, India and more.

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