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Gianforte Announces Board Appointments

Gov. Greg Gianforte announced significant board appointments on Dec. 28. Glasgow’s Lee Cornwell was named to the Private Land Public Wildlife Advisory Council. As the owner of Cornwell Ranch in northeastern Montana, Cornwell will serve in his fifth term on the board which will run through Aug. 1, 2027. The council also includes Ed Beall of Helena (through Aug. 1, 2027), Col. Cynthia Cohan of Butte (through Aug. 1, 2027). Paul Ellis of Bozeman (through Aug. 1, 2027), Donna McDonald of Alder (through Aug. 1, 2027) and Stephanie Prater of Lewistown. Prater will serve in her first term on the board, which will run through Aug. 1, 2027.

New members of the 9-11 advisory council include Brent Colbert of Helena, Doug Colombik and Kevin Krausz of Miles City, Mike Doto of Butte and Burke Honzel of Fort Harrison. Their terms will run through Sept. 1, 2027.

ABLE (Achieving A Better Life Experience) Program Oversight Committee members include Theresa Baldry of Miles City and Kathleen Magone of Missoula. Their terms will run through Sept. 1, 2026. New Montana Arts Council members include Steve Zabel of Bozeman. Zabel will serve the board in his second term, which will run through Feb. 1, 2028.

New Commission on Community Service members include Clifford Kipp of Kalispell and Rob Lawler and Vicki Turner of Helena: Their terms will run through July 1, 2026.

Board of Crime Control members are Amanda Littlesun and Scott Twito of Billings. Littlesun’s term will run through Jan. 1, 2027, and Twito’s will run through Jan. 5, 2025.

New State Emergency Response Commission members include Doug Dodge of Boulder, Thomas Kuntz of Red Lodge, Angel Lei of Lame Deer, Brett Lloyd, Peter Callahan, Susan McEachern and John Rasmann of Helena and Colton Walter of Great Falls. At a minimum, these terms run through Oct. 1, 2025, with some terms extending through 2027.

Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors member will now include Anders Fiske, with a term running through July 1, 2026; Shane Jackola of Kalispell (through July 1, 2025) and Dan Stahly of Bozeman. Stahly’s first term will run through July 1, 2026.

Tourism Advisory Council members include Matthew Gebo of Whitefish.

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