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Wolf Point Moving Forward Into 2024

Wolf Point Moving Forward Into 2024 Wolf Point Moving Forward Into 2024

Wolf Point Mayor Chris Dschaak said he’s excited about a couple projects improving the community of Wolf Point during 2024.

Dschaak said $9 million from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development will be utilized to improve the wastewater system in Wolf Point.

“[The] south side is where it will be continued. That’s the most needed,” Dschaak said of the improvements.

The mayor is also enthused that the city and Roosevelt County will work together to tackle lot clean-up efforts on problematic properties. A memorandum of understanding was reached after months of work.

Dschaak said a grant from the Montana Department of Commerce, through the assistance of Great Northern Development Corp., will result in two houses being created on Custer Street. He believes the housing will consist of a three-bedroom and a two-bedroom home.

He said the Fort Peck Tribes and city are in the progress of developing an agreement to improve the streets on Fairweather and Sixth Avenue South.

Dschaak said the economy is a concern for city officials with the closure or potential closures of downtown businesses.

He recently was part of a meeting with state commerce and GNDC officials regarding bringing businesses to Wolf Point and other small Montana communities.

“At this point, it’s essential for us to prosper,” Dschaak said of the addition of businesses.

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