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Whether travel and visiting family filled your Christmas, or it was simple and filled with quiet reflection, we are so privileged to live in a country where the central truths of a Christian country’s faith can be celebrated. In Lustre, the celebrations began with school programs and continued with presentations by the folk of the churches.

Debbie Lenihan reported: “On Dec. 17 the Lustre MB Church presented a Christmas play called Gabriel’s Big News written by Debbie Lenihan and directed by Mindy Olfert. The play centered on Gabriel who was sent by God to Earth to give the news about the Savior’s coming. All the angels were excited and wanted to know all the details. Gabriel was played by Jake Neufeld who got to spread his wings to get from Heaven to Earth to announce the good news! There were some great songs and sign language included. All the Lustre MB kids did an amazing job making this production come alive.”

The LCHS student body went caroling to the Faith Home in Wolf Point, the Valley View Home and ended at the Prairie Ridge Assisted Living facility in Glasgow. Prairie Ridge served the students a noon meal in appreciation. We are sure the residents in each of the homes (particularly those who came from Lustre) enjoyed the singing.

The theme of the Christmas program at the Lustre EMB Church on Dec. 23 was Jesus The King. The congregation was given opportunity to sing a good number of Christmas songs as Martin Fast introduced their historical context and Don Traeholt read the Scriptures they were based upon. Pastor Wayne Hathaway concluded the evening with a message and there were goodies to follow. Sunday’s sermon continued a series of messages on the shepherds.

A group of families presented a program of carols and Scripture readings at the Faith Home the afternoon of Sunday, Dec 24. One of the highlights was to hear the entire Marasco family recite Matthew 2:1-20 by heart. Thank you for the opportunity to share our Christmas. In a time when the world events look dark and foreboding, it is wonderful to have the eternal hope of the Light of the world who fulfilled so many prophecies.

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