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GreyHawk Faces Drug Possession Charge


Parker Lee GreyHawk is facing three charges in district court including the felony charge of criminal possession of dangerous drugs.

Her initial appearance in district court is scheduled for Jan. 10. Misdemeanor charges include criminal possession of drug paraphernalia and operating without liability insurance.

According to court documents, the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office made a traffic stop near Bainville because GreyHawk’s license plate couldn’t clearly be seen. When standing outside the vehicle, the officer saw a cut plastic straw with a notched end in plain view.

GreyHawk said she loans the vehicle out sometimes and she doesn’t do drugs. She declined to allow a search of her vehicle by the officer.

After being read her rights, she later admitted there was about a gram of meth in her coat and she allowed the officer to retrieve her jacket.

During the search, the officer found two baggies containing meth. GreyHawk then agreed to a vehicle search. Four more baggies were found with suspected meth.

In total, two to three grams of suspected meth were seized.

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