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County Commissioners Set Goals For 2024

Roosevelt County commissioners said safety efforts are among the top projects to be worked on during 2024.

Commissioners Gordon Oelkers and Roberts Toavs explained that the county is working on about a $1.5 million project that includes 9-1-1 improvements and a communications tower. “It will help cover everybody and everything in Roosevelt County,” Commissioner Gordon Oelkers said.

COVID-related funds (ARPA) and 9-1-1 state funds will pay for most of the project. In addition, the Fort Peck Tribes is providing $508,000 for the communications tower.

The project will include new 9-1-1 equipment in Wolf Point and a new communications tower in Poplar.

In addition, there will be new hand-held radios for the sheriff’s office that will work in about every situation and any building in the area.

The county will continue working on establishing the existence of county roads in order to have public access.

Commissioners explained they are waiting for the tribes’ attorney to give approval to a resolution before moving on with the county road projects.

Commissioners expect the project to be completed by the end of 2024.

As far as the economy, oil activity is increasing around the Bainville area.

“Oil activity on the eastern end is getting stronger,” Oelkers said. “They are pretty much leased up now. It’s a slow but steady increase.”

There are also discussions about building a fertilizer plant near Bainville. The addition could result in 50 jobs.

“It could be huge, but it’s only in the planning stage,” Oelkers said.

The year will also be one of transition in the county. Long-time Commissioner Gary Macdonald said this is the last year that he will serve in the position. Clerk and Recorder Cheryl Hansen also retired at the end of 2023.

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