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Commissioners Interview Attorney For Full-Time Position

Commissioners Interview  Attorney For Full-Time Position Commissioners Interview  Attorney For Full-Time Position

Roosevelt County commissioners worked on their search for a fulltime county attorney by interviewing Theresa Diekhans last week.

Diekhans is currently the Lewistown city attorney and the chief deputy attorney for Fergus County.

She said she grew up in Great Falls and received a degree in communications from the University of Great Falls. After working in Glasgow, she earned her law degree from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash.

Her law experience has included work in Havre and Lewistown.

When Commissioner Gordon Oelkers asked why Diekhans is considering leaving her current position, Diekhans said it was an opportunity to be in more of a leadership position that attracted her.

“I’ve had my eye on this a couple of times,” she said.

Commissioner Robert Toavs commented that Diekhans’ experience includes about every sector of the legal system. He asked if Diekhans plans to make Roosevelt County her home if appointed to the position. She said she looks at the opportunity as the final step to take into the leadership role.

“I feel like I would be a great asset and can create stability that the office needs,” she added.

She discussed the importance of having good communications with all county offices and that it all starts with building relationships.

During the interview, Diekhans said she is very comfortable in the courtroom.

Toavs asked Diekhans if the recent court cases involving Frank Piocos and Janet Christoffersen and the county scare her off from the position at all.

Diekhans noted that she’s the fifth of seven kids.

“There’s very little that scares me off,” she said.

If offered the position, she said she could start as soon as early February.

Regarding the case load, she was told that the office handles on average between 10 to 20 misdemeanors and 10 to 20 felonies at a time.

She asked commissioners what their expectations of her were. Oelkers said he seeks stability in the office. Toavs said it’s important that every office work together.

Sheriff Jason Frederick noted that being available when the sheriff’s office has questions or needs advice is important.

Oelkers said a decision regarding Diekhans will likely be discussed during a special meeting on Jan. 3.

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