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Christmas Poetry

Snowy Night Snowy ground, Santa’s in town, Cheeks rosy like his velvety gown. Kids hardly sleeping through the night, but tucked in tight.

Bells jingling in the cold air, It’s a magical affair.

In their dreams, reindeer take flight, Christmas is here on this snowy night.


Ho,Ho,Ho Oh, Christmas don’t you go There will be no snow After Christmas the year goes slow Santa steals the show!

Today I am filled with joy, The smell of cookies wafting through the air, Those said cookies I destroyed, Not even a single crumb left to share.

I received a lot of gifts yet I had none to give, I’m broke and have no money, I hope they understand and I live, They don’t know I’m saving up for a bunny.

I love Christmas and my family, It’s the best holiday, We all open gifts happily, On this joyous Christmas day.

Have A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year Happy children gather to sing, Around a tree full of lights, Many are friends just trying to bring, Cheer and joy for all to hear.

An abundance of present sit by the tree, Awaiting to be opened on Christmas Eve, Hiding behind all the presents, Near but not out of sight is the feeling of, Yuletide is just around the corner for us to enjoy.

In snow-kissed silence, Christmas night, A world adorned in shimmering light.

The stars above, a dance so bright, As carols weave through the air, so light.

Stockings hung with hopeful care, Fireside warmth, love is in the air. Gifts exchanged with joy, for everyone to share, In this Christmas, its bare The best holiday, is in the air


The fireplace crackles, warmth on cold nights Hot cocoa in hand, stars shining bright.

The magic of the season, pure delight A time for dreams, a time to take flight

As I decorate my Christmas tree, Santa’s sleigh, I see.

Rudolph’s red nose shines bright in the night sky, How I wonder, where can they fly?

Santa is checking his list as of right now, Billy Bob wants a new brown cow.

Daniel wants a new TV and Molly wants new shoes, On Christmas Eve, they go to their Aunt Sues.

On Christmas Morning, everyone is awake, While the delicious sugar cookies bake. Christmas is over and everyone is satisfied, While one of Santa’s elves had lied.

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