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Christmas Poetry

On Christmas night, I wished to see the light.

The lights that are lit, in red and white, The gifts are, just in sight.

The tree was tall, and covered balls.

In the air there was nothing to spare, But the joy that filled the air.

On that night I felt delight, to be here on Christmas night.


Snowfall, Snowfall Snow comes down oh so chilly Snowfalls cover the roads Oh, it is so chilly Oh, how I hate snow Snow is white, white like light

It was a dark and cloudy night Was waiting for Ol Saint Nick Mom made the fire burn bright But little brother was very sick, My uncles love to fight Eggnog gives me the ick


Thanksgiving felt like last week, But now it’s time for Christmas spirit!

Santa squeezing through the chimney


ChristmasChristmas night, want of flight, but yet no Rudolph in sight.

Oh, what fun it is to celebrate this time, With loved ones near with a warm fireplace We will cherish our loved ones close on this Christmas night


Christmas A cold long winter night With the stars in the sky that shines so bright With tears of joy at night With tears of joy in the Christmas tree light


No a night so bright, and a bunch of lights, around the tree I go, what am I lights I am


A Christmas Night Shines so Bright Full of Lights Bringing Joy While kids wait for their Toys A Christmas Night

I like to see Christmas.

I like to see the stockings full.

I like to see the gifts.

I like to see the family.

I like to see the trees.

And I like to see my mom looking for me.


On one Christmas night Santa landed on the roof and then went down the chimney to drop the gifts and joy but also eats the cookies and drinks the milk


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On Christmas night, It was cold and quiet.

I wait for Santa by the fireplace, I say my grace, And lay in a cozy place.



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