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Christmas Poetry

Christmas Poetry Christmas Poetry

Rez dogs playing, free and wild, Underneath the wintry sky.

In each home, warmth and delight, Sharing tales by firelight.

Fluffy coats in the snow they bound, Children’s laughter, the only sound.

Gifts of friendship, love, and prose, Shared under twinkling stars that glow.

A Christmas tree of pine and spruce, A gathering place for the wild and loose.

Santa’s sleigh nears, dogs give chase, Laughter echoes all over the space.

As we come together on this night, To celebrate beneath starlight.

We realize true friendship comes unbound, In the form of rez dogs, we have found.


Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree May I buzz a question?

Why am I so skinny?

I’m skinny relating to a nutcracker I’m skinny parallel to a string of Christmas light bulbs Maybe I can be bulky like the Christmas tree


It was a fun Christmas night until The Grinch stole Christmas and I got no Christmas presents. And I was I like to see my mom and I like to see my dad and I like To see my brother and my Sister.

In the heart of winter, when snowflakes fall, And frosty winds blow through the trees so tall, We gather together to celebrate, The joy and love of Christmas, so great. With stockings hung and lights aglow, We sing carols and share sweet treats, you know, And in our hearts, we feel the love, That comes from family, faith, and above. So let us cherish this precious time, And spread kindness and goodwill, sublime, For Christmas is a season of love, Sent from the heavens, from up above.

All the months go past, Each is like a guest.

December is the last, December is the best.

Each has lovely things, Each one is a friend But December brings Christmas at the end!


We bring up the tree, We decorate the house, We beam with much glee, The christmas spirit is near, We open presents

Sitting under the mistletoe (Pale -green, fairy mistletoe), Our last candle burning low, All the sleepy dancers are gone, Shadows lurking everywhere: Some one came, and kissed me there.


The fire crackles, As the football players on TV tackle.

The smell of the turkey roasting And the buns toasting.

I can feel the Christmas spirit, And everyone can hear it.

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