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TEB Nominates Dyan Youpee For Repatriation Committee

TEB Nominates Dyan Youpee  For Repatriation Committee TEB Nominates Dyan Youpee  For Repatriation Committee

Language And Culture To Receive Repairs

The Fort Peck Assiniboine and Sioux Tribal Executive Board held their full meeting Monday, Nov. 27. They met at council chambers in Poplar.

Following reports from chairman Justin Gray Hawk Sr., Adriann Ricker, Fish And Game and BIA, travel reports were delivered and meeting minutes were passed. Motions were passed approving the advertisement of tribal police officer positions and other pay raises, bonuses and job openings.

Discussion was held on the subject of internet and phone service with council member Marva Chapman pointing out that Verizon had agreed to build two towers on the reservation, but abandoned plans after facing local opposition. Nemont services were described as inadequate and pending agreements were called into question when it was suggested that the Tribes look into becoming their own internet service provider.

“We’re in business with people who aren’t providing a service,” council member Roxanne Gourneau said.

Council member Bryce Kirk suggested moving forward with a tribal ISP. “We just have to start fighting to get our own ISP,” Kirk said.

Twyla Syzmanski was approved for promotion to the position of court administrator. Dyan Youpee was approved as the tribes’ nomination for the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History Native American Repatriation Review Committee.

The Fish and Game Department was approved to request $50,000 to address livability needs at the eco-lodge facility.

The Language and Culture Department was approved for $75,000 in needed repairs to their building at the Poplar campus.

A bid was approved from LCS, Inc. in the amount of approximately $55,000 for underground work and planning at the tribal court’s building.

An appraisal was approved for 420 4th Ave. East 1/2 in Culbertson. No other action was taken on that property. Purchase and appraisal fees and other issues related to the Reid Ranch property were tabled for further research and discussion.

The next full board meeting is set for Dec. 11 beginning at 9 a.m.

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