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suggested that the decision be ….

suggested that the decision be …. suggested that the decision be ….

suggested that the decision be tabled until the December meeting or possibly until after strategic planning is completed.

She feels the school board is always approached with problems and is asked to spend additional money.

“We’re driving a vehicle without any fuel,” she said.

Trustee Michael Turcotte added that some students are not prepared to enter college when they come from Wolf Point to Fort Peck Community College.

“We’re hurting academically,” Turcotte said.

Trustee Trenton Wemmer pointed out that testing scores are improving. He also said that testing is an extra duty for principals.

Horsmon said, “The bashing has to stop.” He noted that he’s very dedicated to Wolf Point’s students. He said negative comments should be based on fact, and there’s a lot of factors why some students might not be successful.

Gourneau argued that there needs to be accountability. She said trustees have been willing to spend funds such as the weight room and bus barn improvements. She added that she wants statistical information concerning students.

“But I’m not going to be wounded here,” Gourneau said.

She explained that her feeling is that no one was taken to the carpet during the meeting.

“There has been no bashing,” Gourneau said. “There will be accountability.”

Perkins said schools can’t improve unless they know who they are. It’s important to not point fingers, but to offer solutions.

“Sometimes those discussions, when you aren’t where you want to be, aren’t easy, but you have to have them,” Perkins said.

During principals’ reports, Southside principal Tara Thomas said the after-school program features gymnastics, a book club, robotics and health education.

Northside principal Georgie Gourneau said the school has been selected as an intervention school by University of Montana partners. Northside will receive training on implementing support for students.

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