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‘Puerto Rican eggnog’ could be a hit of the holidays

‘Puerto Rican eggnog’ could be a hit of the holidays ‘Puerto Rican eggnog’ could be a hit of the holidays

Tradition reigns supreme during the holiday season. Putting up Christmas trees, stringing lights, singing carols, and filling stockings with trinkets are just a few of the season’s many cherished traditions. However, amid the typical holiday hustle and bustle, there also are traditions that are unique to various cultures and ethnicities — particularly those pertaining to foods and beverages. From minced pies in England to kutia in Ukraine to spiced hot chocolate in Peru, many different foods and beverages are savored this time of year around the world.

Individuals of Puerto Rican descent might enjoy whipping up batches of coquito around the holidays. Coquito, which means “small coconut,” is made in batches with recipes passed down through families. It is similar to traditional eggnog, but Puerto Ricans will tell you it’s even better. The beverage is served throughout Navidad, or starting after Thanksgiving and ending in mid-January with the celebration of Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián.

Those interested in making homemade coquito can follow this “Traditional Coquito” recipe, courtesy of Discover Puerto


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