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Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Report

The Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office responded to 72 calls Nov. 7-13.

Nov. 7

The deputy coroner assisted the Fort Peck Tribes Department of Law and Justice with a report of a death of an adult female patient at the hospital in Poplar.

Nov. 8

Deputies assisted the Wolf Point Police Department with the transfer of an adult male to the tribal jail.

Deputies reported to Culbertson to serve civil papers from the county attorney’s office to Joshua Burks, 42. As part of his parole conditions, Burks must submit to drug testing. The sample test showed that he tested positive for drugs. He was arrested for violating parole conditions.

Deputies responded to a report of a vehicle crash north of Wolf Point. A vehicle was driven into a ditch. An ambulance was called to treat minor injuries.

Nov. 9

Deputies arrested FPTDLJ with a traffic stop after a vehicle hit the Fort Peck Video store and left the scene. The driver denied that he was driving the vehicle at the time of the accident. The juvenile was cited into tribal court for consuming alcohol while under the age of 21.

Nov. 10

Deputies assisted FPTDLJ after a report of possible gunshots fired involving two vehicles in Wolf Point. The Wolf Point Police Department and a special response team took part in the investigation. Law enforcement was unable to locate in the suspect at a residence. The investigation continues.

Nov. 12

Deputies stopped a vehicle on U.S. Highway 2 near Bainville that was traveling at a high rate of speed. Nolan Nelson, 26, of Homestead was charged with speeding; expired registration; failure to carry proof of insurance; driving under the influence, second offense; and two counts of negligent endangerment.

Deputies assisted FPTDLJ with a report of a fight in progress in Poplar. A male and female said everything was OK and that they were just arguing.

Nov. 13

Deputies assisted FPTDLJ with a report in Poplar of an intoxicated male who was knocking on doors. Law enforcement was unable to locate the individual.

The deputy coroner assisted with the death report of an adult female taken to the Wolf Point hospital.

In addition to the citations above, the RCSO had the following activity: Wolf Point city limits, two; Wolf Point rural, eight; Wolf Point FPHA areas, two; Poplar city limits, five; Poplar rural, two; Poplar airport addition, one; Poplar FPHA all other, four; Culbertson town, 12; Bainville rural, 18; Froid town, five; Brockton town, five; Brockton rural, one; Fort Kipp, four; total, 85.

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