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Reminder To Comment Online For Hunting Regulations

Tuesday, Nov. 21, marks the deadline to comment online regarding hunting regulation proposals for the 2024-2025 hunting seasons in Montana. To view proposed regulations and to comment, go to fwp. december-2023-meeting.

Every other year, broad changes to hunting regulations are considered through a public process that includes public scoping and comment on regulation changes proposed by FWP. Ultimately, the Fish and Wildlife Commission decides hunting seasons for the next two-year intervals.

This season-setting process looks at all aspects of hunting regulations, including season structure, regulations and hunting district boundaries.

The commission will vote on hunting regulations for the 2024-2025 hunting season during its Dec. 14 meeting, which will also include the opportunity for the public to comment. Prior to the Dec. 14 meeting, any of the commissioners can propose amendments to the FWP proposals. Any amendments will be discussed at the Dec. 14 meeting.

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