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Music Students Perform During Wolf Point’s Fall Concert

Music Students Perform During Wolf Point’s Fall Concert Music Students Perform During Wolf Point’s Fall Concert

The Wolf Point High School’s music department entertained during its fall concert held on Tuesday, Oct. 10.

The high school choir opened the program with three selections. The choir sang The Lighthouse, Big Sky and Carry Me Home.

Members of the choir include Phoenix Gendron, Chante Grey Bull, Jeina Reum, Riley Benton, Mylee Villalvazo, Ryelei Bauer, Kauri Dupree, Charlotte Reum- Ricker, Quiarrah Rios, Ryver Summers, Chase Adams, Cole Boysun, Kevin Brock, Aedyn Dionne, Dante Granbois-Dionne, Walker Harmon, ElRayen Adams, Alan Brown Jr., Del Eymard, Lucas Fast Horse, Francis Good Track, Jasper Hollow Horn, Dustin Schafer, Ryan Schumacher, William Benton, Jonah Williamson and Logan Wolff. Singers who are also part of the swing choir are Grey Bull, Benton, Rios, Summers, Adams, Boysun, Eymard, Good Track, Schumacher and Wolff.

The high school band performed Grim Grinning Ghosts, Bang Zoom! and Dark Ride.

Playing for the band were Victoria Wozniak, Jayla Big Talk, Lonnie Steele, Elliauna Ryan, Ryver Summers, Chase Adams, Ezekial Gourneau, Cante’ Grey Bull, Jeina Reum, Jaycen Williams, Cole Boysun, Francis Good Track, Kevin Brock, Ryan Hilkemann, Amya Martinez, Logan Wolff, Ryelei Bauer, Lennoxx Lilley, Walker Harmon, Aedyn Dionne, Dante Granbois-Dionne, Ethan Fowler, Trenton Hamilton, Dana Buckles and Ryan Schumacher.

Winter concerts during December will feature the junior high and high school bands on one night and the junior high and high school choirs on a different night.

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