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Bearcubs Place At Harlem Meet


The Frazer Bearcubs earned ninth place in the boys’ division during cross country action in Harlem on Friday, Oct. 13.

The Bearcubs finished with 75 points.

Leading Frazer was junior Jarvis Goodbird with a time of 18:25.88 for 11th place.

Gabe Beston placed 25th with a time of 20:52.65. Cassius Smoker ran the course in 22:58.48 for 50th place. Travis Long took 54th at 23:10.77. Christopher Fox was 55th at 23:12.74. Joseph Beston placed 78th with a time of 29:13.43.

In the girls’ division, Shakira Beston placed 47th with a time of 30:50.32.

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