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Title VI Group Elects New Officers

Title VI Group Elects New Officers Title VI Group Elects New Officers

New officers were selected for Title VI during the parent committee’s meeting held in the Wolf Point High School library on Monday, Oct. 2.

The purpose of Title VI is to assist eligible local educational agencies to meet the unique cultural, language and educational needs of American Indian and Alaska Native students and to ensure all students meet challenging state academic standards.

Title VI grants are provided to Wolf Point Schools to support in developing elementary and secondary school programs to meet unique educational, cultural and language needs.

Imogene Lilley was voted unanimously as the group’s next chair. Holly Hamilton was selected unanimously as the organization’s vice chair.

Lana FourStar was voted unanimously as the secretary. Lennoxx Lilley will serve as the student representative.

There were two candidates for teacher representative. Patricia Payne won selection to the office on a drawing.

Title VI members heard a review of the work being done by home school coordinators.

Southside Elementary School principal Tara Thomas said that coordinator Elizabeth Zimmer has a great relationship with students.

Northside Elementary School principal Georgie Gourneau said that coordinator Cheryl Taylor has done a tremendous job. Gourneau mentioned a six-week attendance challenge for perfect attendance.

The decision was made to advertise again the home school coordinator position for the high school and junior high school.

Lilley said the intention of Title VI wanting the position is to have someone that goes out of the school to interact with students and address attendance issues.

Payne said the hope is to motivate students to continue with school at the higher grade levels.

Lilley added that the coordinator might have an impact on one, two or 10 students.

“From what I see, the more people involved with a child’s life, the better,” she said.

Superintendent David Perkins noted, “Of course, relationships help with students, obviously.”

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