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Newspaper Displays Importance of Journalism


Newspaper Displays Importance Of Journalism

National Newspaper Week is being celebrated for the 82nd annual year. The dates of recognition this year are Oct. 2-8.

Few communities should know better than our own area when it comes to understanding the importance of newspapers. This newspaper’s publisher and owner, Darla Downs, spent countless hours to make sure state statute was followed regarding the county attorney’s election. Her efforts paid off when it was ruled first in district court and then by the Montana Supreme Court that Frank Piocos wasn’t an eligible candidate in the 2022 election.

Your newspaper was there for this community when an injustice was taking place. When state government offices were asked for assistance to investigate the matter, they quickly washed their own hands from the issue and suggested trying another office instead. Area residents reached out to this newspaper about the situation. These taxpayers couldn’t count on elected officials for a solution, but they could rely on their local newspaper publisher.

A few people might suggest that newspapers “go after” some government officials due to spite or hate. That isn’t the case. Newspapers perform this duty because they have the desire to make sure laws are followed. If there are any emotions involved, it’s love for the feeling that newspapers have for the communities that they serve.

It’s so important to support local newspapers so they can continue being the watchdog of elected officials. Without a newspaper being a part of a community, residents will not be informed and issues might be hidden.

The Piocos case was a valuable lesson of the importance of community newspapers. That journey shouldn’t be forgotten by our readers and the dedication of this staff will continue for the love of our community.

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