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Vida School Completes Flooring Project

Vida School serves 45 students from kindergarten through sixth grade and is a point of pride for the local rural community.

The growing student population has tripled in size since 2020, emphasizing the need for improvement in the school’s activity areas.

This need was recently met when Vida School was awarded $100,000 from Ag-West Farm Credit’s Local Advisory Committee Guided Stewardship Funds to resurface their indoor gym and outdoor basketball court.

Through this funding, Vida School is equipped to offer students and members of the community access to improved spaces for a variety of activities. The project, which was completed over the summer, included asbestos abatement, new flooring, concrete, fencing, hoops and other sports components.

“What really has our teachers, staff and kids excited is our gymnasium, which will be used for PE, recess, lunch and community events,” said Scott Nasner, Vida School board member. “The grant allowed us to remove a decades-old asbestos tile gym floor. A complete removal of the tile and mastic, followed by re-leveling of the floor and then the installation of the multipurpose recreational flooring was completed.”

Funds were also used to resurface the outdoor blacktop court that will be painted for games and activities such as pickleball, hopscotch, 4-square, volleyball and basketball.

“With enrollment up, having the enhanced space for the kids is valuable, especially during winter months. So, a great big thank you from our community of Vida, our top-notch teachers and staff, and most importantly the Vida Elementary School Vikings for the generous gift!” Nasner said.

Stewardship investments at AgWest are guided in part by its customers, including Local Advisory Committee members, who live in and understand the needs of rural communities. LAC members serve as a liaison between AgWest and their customers and communities and help to ensure stewardship investments are made in a variety of ways that will help rural communities thrive.

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