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Wayne Dahl

Wayne Michael Dahl, 60, of Wolf Point died Sept. 7, 2023.

He was born to Allen and R. Naomi Dahl on Sept. 11, 1962, in Ada, Minn. He grew up on their farm in Borup, Minn., with siblings Neil, Scott and Valerie. He graduated from Borup High School in 1980 with dreams of being a chef or a farmer. After a few conversations with his father, he decided that farming would be his career because he was needed on the farm.

He prayed the Repentance Prayer with Pastor Ron Wikk around this time as well.

In 1989, he went on a blind date and met the woman who would become his wife, Connie. They dated while she finished college and he worked towards purchasing a home and tractor to provide for them. They were married on Nov. 23, 1996.

Premature twins Christina and LaRae joined the family in 1997. The family resided in Borup for one more year,

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