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Montana Receives Most Pro-Family Award

The Montana Family Foundation had announced that the State of Montana received the prestigious “Most Pro-Family State” award from the Family Policy Alliance on Aug. 30.

This year, Montana and North Dakota will share the honor. This recognition underscores the Montana Family Foundation’s unwavering commitment to promoting and protecting pro-family values in the state of Montana.

Officials said this honor is a testament to the dedication of the Montana Family Foundation, but it would not have been possible without the leadership of Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte, and the remarkable efforts of the Montana House and Senate during the 2023 Legislative session. Together, they have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to family values and the well-being of Montana’s citizens. During the 2023 Legislative session, the Montana Family Foundation achieved a remarkable 77 percent success rate for bills it supported and opposed, which showcases the Montana Family Foundation’s effectiveness in advocating for policies that align with pro-family principles.

Notably, the Montana Family Foundation successfully defeated a bill that aimed to introduce comprehensive sex education in public schools. This victory ensured that Montana’s educational system remains aligned with the values and preferences of parents and families. Additionally, the Montana Family Foundation thwarted a bill that would have allowed partial- birth abortions, preserving decades of pro-life work in the state.

On the offensive side, Montana’s Legislative victories have been diverse and impactful, covering a range of critical issues. From education enhancements to adoption tax credits, from robust religious freedom protections to pro-life legislation and parental rights, Montana has been a trailblazer in safeguarding and promoting the values that matter most to families.

Montana also stands out as one of the pioneering states in passing “Help Not Harm” legislation. Montana’s Senate Bill 99 helps protect minors from experimental medical interventions such as gender reassignment surgery, puberty blockers, and cross-sex hormones, reinforcing the state’s commitment to prioritize the well-being of its youth.

Montana Family Foundation president Jeff Laszloffy said of the award, “We are deeply honored to receive this award to celebrate Montana as one of the best places to raise a family. Our work is not finished, and we will continue to work tirelessly to advocate for a Montana where God is honored, marriage and family are cherished, and religious liberty flourishes.”

The award ceremony was conducted virtually on Aug. 30. Montana was also a recipient of the “Help Not Harm” award, which was presented to each of the 20 states that have passed legislation to protect minors from harmful and life-altering gender-affirming medical interventions.

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