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County’s Budget Approved

By Bill Vander Weele

The Roosevelt County Commissioners approved the county’s budget for the 2023-2024 fiscal year during a meeting Thursday, Sept. 7.

The budget increased by only 1.35 percent compared to last year.

“Nobody’s budget got cut,” commissioner Gordon Oelkers said.

Commissioner Robert Toavs added that there were no big subtractions or additions to the budget.

Commissioners said it’s helpful when departments have funds that can be rolled over into the following year’s budget.

“We didn’t have to do a whole lot of cutting,” Oelkers said. “We had some oil money that helped everybody’s budget.” Oelkers praised Clerk and Recorder Cheryl Hansen for doing an excellent job during the budget process.

Roosevelt County Sheriff/coroner Jason Frederick was concerned that his request to increase the coroner’s pay by $1,000 wasn’t in the budget. He said conversations with Clayton Stevenson Memorial Chapel officials have led to a decrease of $22,000 in the coroner’s budget.

Frederick said at least one commissioner said that an increase in the coroner’s salary would occur if payments to the funeral home were decreased.

Hansen explained that since the salaries of elected officials are set by resolution, a salary can’t be changed for this year.

Oelkers mentioned that maybe commissioners should work to make sure it’s set up for next year.

“That doesn’t take care of it this year,” commissioner Gary Macdonald said.

Commissioners discussed providing Frederick with a one-time stipend.

The item wasn’t on the agenda, so commissioners will decide on the matter during an upcoming meeting.

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