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Renewable Energy Projects Receive Grants

As a result of his Inflation Reduction Act, U.S. Sen. Jon Tester last week secured $1,375,897 in United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) funding for 35 renewable energy infrastructure projects in Montana.

“Montanans know we need to increase energy production here in our state, which is why I fought to secure investments like this to help ensure folks have reliable access to affordable energy,” said Tester. “We’ve got more work to do, but these investments will create good paying Montana jobs, lower costs for families, and ensure we can keep the lights on for generations to come.”

The Rural Energy for America Program helps farmers, ranchers and rural small businesses install renewable energy infrastructure or improve their energy efficiency. Tester has been a longstanding supporter of this program, which runs through USDA Rural Development.

Some of the projects included: $31,400 in Glasgow – This Rural Development investment will be used by Matthew Poole, owner of a small commercial rental business in Glasgow, to purchase and install insulation in the roof of his property. These energy efficiency improvements to this rural small business will save approximately $1,600 in annual energy costs and decrease energy use by more than 22,000 kilowatt hours.

$30,895 in Glasgow – This Rural Development investment will be used to install exterior doors, energy efficient windows, and HVAC units in a small 13-room rural motel operated by Pankratz Properties in downtown Glasgow. These improvements annually are expected to save more than $4,700 in energy costs.

$12,312 in Glasgow – This Rural Development investment will be used to assist Sather Ranch in Glasgow, to complete energy efficiency upgrades with spray foam insulation in an agriculture building on the ranch. This family-owned farming operation also uses earthworms in a vermicasting process to break down organic waste. The project will generate an annual energy savings of approximately $3,500 for the Sather family’s rural small business.

$74,275 in Savage – This Rural Development investment will be used to bring electric transmission lines through a local rural electric cooperative and convert diesel pumps to electric at Jonald Jorgensen’s farm, a small, family-owned operation in Savage. This project will generate an annual cost savings of approximately $73,000.

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