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Progress Being Made On County Projects

John Bach of Interstate Engineering provided an update of Roosevelt County projects during the commissioners’ weekly meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 22.

Bach said progress is being made on the Shotgun Creek Bridge improvements, located near Bainville, on County Road 2051. “Hopefully, the road will be open by the end of the week,” Bach said last week.

Guard rails will be added in the next few weeks.

The bridge project was done after the county received a notification from the Montana Department of Transportation that the bridge required immediate repairs and must be closed immediately.

As far as the storage building for the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office, Bach said that electrical work is currently being performed. The building will be utilized to store evidence and vehicles. Corland Construction is working on the project.

A new emergency services tower in Poplar has been erected. A shelter is being put in place.

The next county project will a slab on County Road 2031.

Commissioner Gordon Oelkers said the slab will be part of the road and bridges budget for the upcoming year. Also during the meeting on Aug. 22, the resignation of dispatch employee Rita Diserly was accepted.

Commissioners are planning to meet with Fort Peck tribal officials in September to continue discussions regarding county road designations. During a public meeting in June, commissioners noted that meetings with the tribes and BIA have been positive regarding the process. “It’s to benefit everybody,” Commissioner Gordon Oelkers said at last week’s commissioners’ meeting. “It’s to help everybody.”

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