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Patti Kessler

Patti Jo Kessler, 63, died Monday, Aug. 21, 2023, in Billings.

She was born in Wolf Point on Sunday, May 29, 1960, to David and Norma “Gus” Matejovsky. She was the fourth of six children. Much of her childhood was spent in a small home on the farm, where all six children slept in the same room.

She first laid eyes on her future husband, Chuck, when she was 11 years old. But it wasn’t until years later that their paths crossed once again. Even at 18, her faith was a central part of her life. She and Chuck “hit it off.” There were many talks: of faith and family, and life, and what was really important in the end. Chuck was to say that he was her first “convert.” Over time, they discovered that they had a common vision and, in October 1979, they were married and began their life together with few assets, but with lasting core values on which to build their family.

The following year, their first son, Dustin, was born, followed with Trenton and Patrick.

Throughout her illness, which she endured for 12 years, she drew strength not so much from others as in giving to them. She perfected the art of listening and, by listening to those around her, she would meet them where their need was. She was dedicated to her grandchildren and, even when sick, would find creative ways to do things together with them like crafts and baking Christmas bread.

She is survived by her husband, Chuck; sons Dustin, Trenton and Patrick; two granddaughters; parents, David and Gus Matejovsky; sister, Debbie; and brothers Steve, David, Lyle and Michael.

A memorial service was held Tuesday, Aug. 29, at Faith Evangelical Church in BIllings. Interment was at Yellowstone Valley Memorial Park in Billings.

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