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Tester Announces Disaster Declaration For Northern Montana

After urging from U.S. Sen. Jon Tester, President Biden announced a Major Disaster Declaration for the State of Montana, triggering the release of federal funds to assist emergency response and recovery following significant spring flooding in northern Montana that occurred in April 2023.

The areas eligible for public assistance are Blaine, Daniels, Hill, Park, Roosevelt, Sheridan, and Valley counties and the Fort Peck Tribes.

Federal Emergency Management Agency funding for northern Montana was secured through the Fiscal Year 2023 Government Funding Bill. Tester was the only member of Montana’s congressional delegation to support the funding.

“Significant flooding in northern Montana was devastating to farmers, ranchers, and small businesses, and this disaster declaration will help to make these communities whole,” said Tester. “Flooding has already done serious damage in Montana, and it’s critical that we are prepared the next time disaster strikes. These funds will help to rebuild damaged facilities and reduce risk of future disaster.”

In April, Tester sent a letter to President Biden in June urging him to approve the State of Montana’s request for the disaster declaration following increased snowpack and melting in March. Federal funds will be accessible through the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help counties and Tribes get funding or reimbursements for various disaster recovery and prevention projects.

Additionally, all areas in the State of Montana are eligible for hazard mitigation assistance.

For more information on available funding, visit http:// assistance.

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