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Commissioners Approve County Road Resolutions During Meeting

The Roosevelt County Commissioners approved 18 resolutions to declare the existence of county roads during their weekly meeting Tuesday, Aug. 8.

Roads addressed included portions of county roads 1030, 1034, 2047, 1035, 2048, 1037, 2046, 1040, 2049, 2050, 2051, 2053, 1046, 2055, 1041, 1043 and 2058.

The roads are in the Brockton area.

Commissioner Gordon Oelkers said that public meetings were held in Brockton and no objections were expressed.

During earlier meetings, commissioners said there’s a great need for the resolutions because title companies and lending institutions are requiring access for land before approving projects.

Commissioners also approved a resolution to allow the county treasurer to issue a tax deed. The motion regarded 10 properties.

Commissioners accepted the resignation of Christy Walker from the position of assistant cook for Culbertson’s congregate meals.

During a special public meeting on July 26, commissioners approved purchasing a Mack tender truck for the county fire department.

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