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Wolf Point Hosts Wadopana Traditional Celebration

Wolf Point Hosts Wadopana Traditional Celebration Wolf Point Hosts Wadopana Traditional Celebration

The traditional Wadopana celebration in Wolf Point was held over the weekend at the powwow grounds near the Sherman Inn.

Darcey Anaquod was head man dancer. Imogene Lilley was head woman dancer. Organizers Julie Christian and Leslie Berge hosted specials and “honorings,” as well as a community feed and youth powwow, a memorial breakfast in honor of Sandra Lilley, a veterans feed and a candlelight vigil.

Joe Miller Jr. is the chief of the Wadopana Band of Assiniboine. Riley Smith served as festival princess. Renee Smith was junior princess. Arielynn Moran was mini-princess. Don Racine was the announcer and Roger White Jr. was arena director. Darryl Ricker Sr. was flag bearer and Sacred White was tioti.

Wadopana is a non-competitive celebration. Drums and dancers received donations daily. Turcotte Food Bus owner

Buck Turcotte told the Northern Plains Independent that the festival was small and friendly, as usual, with local families gathering and visitors attending from around the region.

“We always do a good business,” said Turcotte.

Spotted Bull Recovery Resource Center hosted a walk/ run Aug. 5 in coordination with the celebration. Runs will be held August 19 at the Turns Around Powwow, August 25 at the Fort Kipp Celebration and Sept. 2 at Poplar Indian Days Powwow.

The next powwow on the local summer schedule is Turns Around in Poplar Aug. 18-20, followed by Fort Kipp (Aug. 25-27) and Poplar Indian Days (Sept. 1-3).

For information about next year’s Wadopana, call Christian at 406-650-8724 or Berg

at 406-650-0636.

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