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County Receives First Cannabis Tax Check

Roosevelt County has received its first check from local option excise taxes for both medical and non-medical marijuana.

The check is for $7,769.35. Roosevelt County Treasurer Betty Romo says the checks should come quarterly, but the amount will change based on sales.

County commissioners have said that the funds will be used for law enforcement efforts.

Roosevelt County residents voted in favor of establishing local option excise taxes for both medical and non-medical marijuana during the primary election on Tuesday, June 7.

Adding a 3 percent special local option tax on non-medical marijuana sold in the county passed by a margin of 1,161 to 363.

The option tax for medical marijuana was approved by a 941 to 579 margin.

Funds from the taxes will be split with 50 percent going to the county, 5 percent to the state and the rest divided among the cities.

Cannabis sales experienced a drop in June for Roosevelt County. According to figures from the Montana Department of Revenue, Roosevelt County had $318,791 in estimated total county sales during June. That amount includes $241,814 for adult-use sales and $76,977 for medical sales.

By comparison, total sales reached $337,818 during May. That figure included $250,485 for adult use sales.

Sales figures for other eastern Montana counties during June included $857,804 for Richland, $151,594 for Valley, $603,686 for Dawson, $104,072 for Custer and $76,629 for Sheridan.

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