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WPCO Plans Back-To-School Bash

The Wolf Point Community Organization announced its plan to hold a back-toschool bash again this year.

Plans are for the free celebration to take place from 1-3 p.m. on Aug. 14 at Borge Park on the 600 block of Listerud Street.

Jason Hamilton Sr., chairman of WPCO’s resolutions committee, said the event will include free food and drinks. The hope is that Spotted Bull Recovery will help provide a petting zoo. Backpacks will be given to students.

In addition, a meal for elders is being planned to be held in September at the community hall.

Fort Peck Tribal Executive Board members Lawrence Hamilton Jr. and Marva Chapman announced that $400 household assistance checks will be given to elders, 60 and older, and youth, 0-18 years.

“That’s all the ARPA money we had left to spend,” Hamilton said.

Lawrence Hamilton mentioned that a new HeadStart and daycare are being built in Wolf Point.

He said the TEB tabled a referendum to have TEB appoint judges instead of having judges voted into office.

Officials will talk with Gov. Gianforte on Aug. 16 regarding gaming issues.

Nadine Adams provided a Fort Peck Housing Authority report. She said a complete interior audit is being conducted. During an investigation, there is temporary management.

“Business is usual, no interruptions,” Adams said.

Silver Wolf Casino will celebrate its anniversary Aug. 5.

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